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Mulitple Pallet Styles

New, Recycled, and Remanufactured
IPPC ISPM-15 HT Stamped

Stringer Style Pallet

Block Style Pallet

B Grade Pallets
This pallet is the same as a Grade A pallet; however, the stringers have been broken & repaired with companion stringers or stringer parts.

B Grade Pallet Repair

B Grade Pallet RepairB Grade Pallet Repair

Double Face Non-Reversible
Used for forklifts and pallet jacks. Chamfered edges allow for easy entry. A general purpose pallet.
Double Face Non-Reversible Pallet

Four Way Notched Stringer
Provides 4-way entry. The most versatile pallets.
Four Way Notched Stringer Pallet

Double FaceReversible
Used with Forklifts only.

Double Face Reversible Pallet

Single Face Skid
Used where stacking is not required. Used for
forklifts and pallet jacks. An economical pallet.

Single Face Skid

Double Wing Pallet
Can be used with slings or forklifts

Double Wing Pallet

Single Wing Pallet
Used with forklifts or straddle equipment.

Single Wing Pallet

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